Physics Balsa Bridge Building 1999

New Record!

A five-year old record fell in 1998 as Paolo Amoruso's high-road A-frame structure supported an astounding 159.7 kg (351 lbs!). Competition was intense, with several teams passing the 100 kg mark. Paolo's bridge will renew speculation about what constitutes the best bridge design.

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1997-98 Winner

co-All-time Champion

129808 Paolo Amoruso

159.7 kg

In May 1999 the record was equalled by Matthew Sullivan and Allan Ilicic. At first it was thought their bridge had fallen just short of the mark until it was realized that one of the test bolts had fallen into the gap between the mats in place to cushion any fall of the testing platform. Within the round-off error of the scale used the two bridges were judged to be of equal strength. Both held the astounding mass of 159.7 kg (351 lb).

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1998-99 Winner

co-All-time Champion

129808 Matt Sullivan/Allan Ilicic

159.7 kg