Bridge Building Comments: May 1995

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Student Comments: Bridge Building May 1995

The competition was exciting to watch, but it was upsetting to see my bridge destroyed in minutes after working on it for a couple of months.
Make a slightly higher weight limit.
Make the project worth 20% of the term.
Yes, continue the competition!
Don't change anything.
Make it worth more.
We put blood, sweat and tears into (the bridge), and were robbed of the gold.
Next year the cup (trophy actually) is ours!
Keep the testing room quiet.
It must have been depressing for some to see their hard work not do as well as expected.
I have learned how to build a better bridge next year.
Give out rules in the first term.
This was a very nerve-racking competition.
I enjoyed the intense style of sand pouring.
I learned a lot from this competition.  Continue it!
Yes, continue this event.  It was the best project (I did).
Grade 11 students shouldn't compete against Grade 12 students.
Toothpicks instead of balsa?
Fun project, but time consuming.
Fun, but stressful.
Get a larger scale (for my bridge) next year!
Two classes of competition: 100 g limit and 200 g limit.
Hold event a little earlier in the year.
Don't change a thing.
Science World was a great location (last year).
Science World was a treat.
This allowed me to put my physics knowledge to a practical purpose.
If I had another chance, I know that I would improve.
I hope you continue to have bridge building contests.
I think this competition will be one of the few things I remember from high school in twenty years or so.


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